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Work Resume

Contact Information

  • Email : sunny (-dot-) chow (-at-) acm (-dot-) org


Seeking San Jose based company that can leverage advanced image analysis and application development skills to create more intelligent products.


  • Consultant

    Consultant: 03/2010 – Present

    • Implemented a rectangle bounding box algorithm for outlining photographs in a video stream.
    • Developed a DirectShow library to interface with video cameras.
    • Developed a MicroManager (open source Microscope control system) plug-in to control a Direct Electron camera system over TCP/IP using Java.
    • Developed a web service interface for OSCommerce to enable AJAX requests for the aging but widely supported e-commerce platform using PHP, MySQL, JSON & JQuery. Json Interface for OsCommerce
    • Increased e-commerce website conversion rates by 12% by improving the user friendliness of our product display and transaction systems. Barrieronline.com
  • FreightScan Cargo

    Senior Software Engineer: 07/2007-04/2008 & 04/2009 – 02/2010

    • Participated in the development of a next generation cargo dimensioning system.
    • Developed automated testing of dimensioning algorithms to measure and improve accuracy.
    • Improved existing dimensioning algorithm and reduced processing time.
    • Used Microsoft XNA to develop an interactive 3D visualization tool.
    • Developed the server-client networking layer using .NET Remoting.
    • Implemented motion triggered cargo scans using OpenCV and DirectShow.
    • Prototyped noise reduction algorithms using MATLAB and implemented it using OpenCV.
    • Prototyped 3D alignment routines for multi-camera systems using MATLAB.
  • Alibaba.com (Hangzhou, China headquarters)

    Product Developer: 04/2008 – 04/2009

    • Coordinated regional US and Hong Kong marketing operations from China mainland.
    • Jointly developed overseas online marketing programs and bridged language communications.
    • Oversaw development of a Cost Per Acquisition tracking system for affiliate marketing.
    • Developed custom international trade database import system serving entire countries.
  • National Center for Microscopy and Imaging Research

    Associate Development Engineer (07/2001-08/2006)

    • Created an automated system to acquire thousands of individual images to stitch into one single image bringing to fruition gigapixel mosaic images of mouse brains. Software Link
    • Enabled the scientific understanding of genetic disorders expressed in mouse brains at the micro and macro level.
    • Utilized the combination of Microsoft Visual C++, MFC and COM to synchronize stepper motor movements with image acquisition.
    • Engineered a non-uniform illumination correction and image alignment solution in a memory efficient manner via Eclipse and Java Advanced Imaging libraries. JAI Success Story
    • Collaborated with Olympus engineers to develop commercial automated mosaic systems.
    • Published “Automated Microscopy System for Mosaic Acquisition and Processing”, Journal of Microscopy, Vol 222 Issue 2 Pg 76 – May 2006.


  • University of California, San Diego

    • M.S. Computer Science, Concentration in Computer Graphics and Vision, June 2004.
    • B.S. Computer Science, June 2001
  • Tsinghua University, Beijing China

    • Chinese Language Studies, September 2006 – July 2007
    • Fluent in spoken and written Chinese


  • Programming Languages:

    • C++, C#, Java, PHP, MATLAB
  • Windows Programming:

    • Windows MFC & COM, Winsock, Microsoft .NET
  • Graphics and Visualization:

    • OpenCV, OpenGL, Java Advanced Imaging Toolkit
    • Development of a distributed ray-tracer with photon mapping
  • Computer Vision and Image Processing:

    • Feature and Edge detection, Motion tracking, 3D Scene reconstruction, Segmentation, Random Sample Consensus, Video stabilization