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Repairing flat bearings on a Microsoft Trackball Explorer

Tools needed (these happen to what I had handy):

From iFixit:
– Mako Driver Kit – 64 Precision Bits (philips 0 and sim tool)
– Precision Tweezers Set
Prying and Opening Tool Assortment

Hobby tools:
Tamiya Fine Pin Vise 74112
Godhands Pin Vise Drill Bit Set B

Tekton mini picks

Blutak or Tak n stik
3x 5/64″ ceramic ball bearings (avail on amazon)

1. Remove 5 screws from exterior shell. Use prying tools to remove bottom rubber covers to remove without damaging. Take note of screws and holes (they’re not the same).
2. Remove two ribbon cable connecting bottom half to top half of trackball. Use picks to undo latches.
3. Undo the 2 screws holding the board next to the circle.
4. Remove board, taking note of orientation.
5. Remove 2 screws holding trackball holder.
6. Remove trackball holder.
7. 3x for each ball bearing.
– Use sharp pick to create pilot, use 1mm hand screw to drill.
– When it’s completely through, use sim card tool to push through ball bearing. Use tak n stik to receive bearing and to protect fingers.
– Push in new bearings.

ball bearing is 1.99mm. Replacement is ~1.98mm, but it seems to work well enough.